The Glory of the Lord is filling the Earth

Glory Means: High, Renown, or Honor won by NOTABLE achievements, magnificence or great beauty.

We are to worship the Lord in the beauty of His Holiness.

Psalm 96:9 (KJV) “Oh worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness. Fear before Him, all the earth.

Psalm 29:2 (KJV) “Give unto the Lord the glory due His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.

1 Chronicles 16:29 (KJV) Give unto the Lord the glory due unto His name; bring an offering, and come before Him; worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness.”

Do you KNOW what the offering is that He’s speaking about? He wants you to bring and offering of worship. He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah; Judah mean praise! He will save the tents of Judah FIRST!

Zech. 12:7 says, “The LORD also will save the tents of Judah FIRST, so that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem will NOT be magnified ABOVE Judah (Praise).”

What does God inhabit? The PRAISES of His people. In praise and worship is your joy and strength, BECAUSE He comes in where He’s welcome. When you worship Him; that’s when you experience Him. This is why when you are being attacked by the enemy and lift your voice in worship the attack stops; because now God is enthroned in your heart ABOVE the shouts of the enemy.

God’s glory is filling the earth. Get ready to see amazing things in these days, as you lift Him up ABOVE the circumstances in your life.

**There are times in my secret place that God’s presence is so real that I don’t want to leave. I just want to stay in His presence all the time. I’m still learning after 30 years how to go about my day, walking in His presence; Listening to His voice. It’s actually very fun.**

God’s heart is for you to completely surrender to Him; the funny thing is that YOU are the one who receives the blessing from worship. He is blessed when we worship Him; but WE RECEIVE the blessings from our faith filled act of worship.

Try it! Go to God IN FULL FAITH and determine ahead of time to shut EVERYTHING OUT, TO SIMPLY Worship your Creator, and watch as the peace of God and Joy of God floods your very being.