Purpose of this blog

Hello, my name is Alicia Lutz. I would like to share a little bit about myself and hopefully explain the purpose of this blog.

When I was young my family would go camping in the summertime.

My family went to a Methodist church. As Methodist’s we would go camping with the families in the church. While the parent were sitting around the campfire, all of the kids would go off to explore.

As long as I can remember I loved nature.  I always felt close to God. I always had a sense that He was real. Romans 1:19 (NASB) says, …that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.

I loved looking up at the stars at night. They were so bright away from the city lights. Psalm  19:1 says, The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.

All I knew about Him at that time, was that He was God and Jesus was His son, but I didn’t know Him.

I didn’t know that He wanted to be involved with my life. When I was 28 I had my first encounter with Him. There were some things that happened that led up to the encounter, at 4:00 in the morning I began my journey with Him.

Since that day in November 1987 I have been running after Him with my WHOLE heart. He began to teach me about spiritual warfare; something that the Methodist church never did.

The Pastor never said anything about the devil. I thought the devil was a fictional character; a myth; and that halloween was like Christmas; just a holiday. It never occurred to me that the reason I was drawn to witchcraft and spells and seances was because of the experience I had with the powers of darkness. I didn’t know that God created man to desire Him, and that because I was ignorant about spiritual things I was drawn to the toward darkness instead of The Light.

As kids everyone on the block would get together to play with the Ouija board so we could experience “the thrill” of being scared. When we would asked it a question it always gave us an answer. We did séances together, and levitation for the thrill and excitement of it, But one day something happened when we did the levitation; it really worked; 6 of the kids on the block picked my 16 year old brother up with two fingers each, and he was light as a feather and rose effortlessly. The next day our neighbors who’s house we levitated him in front of had a yard FULL of dead black birds…It was very weird. I still didn’t know that we were dealing with demonic entities.

When God began to teach me about spiritual warfare and that ALL of Power was given to Jesus and that Jesus made it available to us, through His Holy Spirit, my thought processes began to change as I asked Jesus to change me and deliver me from my past. I read His word everyday and have every morning since 1987.

In 1999 I was part of a planning committee for our very first Women’s Conference but I felt out of place. I went and sat against the wall and said, “man Lord, I don’t feel like I belong here” He said, “Well, YOU’RE A DEBORAH IN THE BODY OF CHRIST!” Then He began to teach me that what He had revealed to me in His Word having to do with spiritual warfare and power over the enemy is part of the call He’s placed on my life.

Then in May of 2010 I asked Him “Lord, where are all the teachings on spiritual warfare? I said, 23 years ago everyone was teaching on spiritual warfare and now NOONE is!” He said, “Well I want you to teach on it.” I began to laugh and say, “yeah, that’s going to happen; You’re going to have to come down and personally tell Mark Crow that you want Alicia Lutz to teach on spiritual warfare; He said, “Not only do I want you to teach on it, I want you to write curriculum for it! Then He said, We wrestle not with flesh and blood. (I knew that was the title of my book. I quickly wrote it in three months.)

My call is to teach the Body of Christ how to properly fight the enemy with God’s Word and the importance of Worship in spiritual warfare.




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