I am an intercessor and once a week I meet with some ladies who pray for our Nation, State, and Israel. We also pray for our officials and issues going on in America and around the world.

In 2010 as we were praying for America I saw a Giant; Gulliver to be exact (from my childhood; a movie called “Gulliver’s Travels”) all bound up and laying down with ropes all over him. As we were praying I saw the Giant shake his head like he was waking up.

Two years later in 2012, during intercessory prayer, I saw the same Giant as before only this time I saw him sit up and all the ropes that bound him began breaking off of him so easily, as he sat up.

In the first vision of the Giant, I realized that the Giant represented the Church and that the church was beginning to wake up. Two years later in the second vision when the Giant sat up, I knew the church was fixing to get up and all the bondages that have held the church back were breaking off so that we can take our position in the “Army of God” to which we’ve been called.

On April 13, 2015 at 9:08am I heard the Lord say, “Evil is Lurking in the streets looking for someone to devourer. BIND EVIL & LOOSE RIGHTEOUSNESS, LOOSE LOVE, THE KINGDOM OF LOVE, HOPE, PEACE, AND JOY.” When I started to do this I noticed about three weeks later that our street was alot quieter and peaceful. I still pray that over our neighborhood and City; Then I decided that I would begin to pray it over our Nation as well.

In January of 2016 I asked the Lord what the word for 2016 would be; I said, “I hear that other people asking for a word for the year and Your no respecter of persons, so what is the word for 2016?” I heard “UNITY”.

Last year SEEMED to be the opposite of Unity to me. There was so much mayhem and hate, rioting and violence; but what seems to have happened is that a certain Unity rose up among God’s people and we elected a man who wasn’t supposed to win and is a little rough around the edges but he is a man of integrity, honor, character and has a heart for this Nation.

I imagine that our Founding Fathers may have been that way. I know the disciples of Jesus were according to the word.

After President Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017 and got into office, I had a snippet vision  as I was getting ready the next day; of the Statue of Liberty with a façade over it almost like plaster as to cover up Lady Liberty and it began to break into pieces and fall off of her to the ground. I understand that many people disagree with WHO is our President, but he IS our President and we must honor the position of the Presidency.

It appears that the Giant Woke up!

Fast forward to April 8, 2017. Today someone sent me a link to listen to. In my Monday night worship and fellowship group we’ve been talking about alot of these things; spiritual warfare, worship, the fight that’s going on in the spirit realm for this nation and our freedoms and holding onto Israel tight; UNITY, RIGHTEOUSNESS and so much more. The prophet speaking in this link that was sent to me is Mark Taylor and he was talking about everything that we are talking about on Monday nights.

What an encouragement to know that we are on the right tract—God’s tract, He leads us down the paths of Righteousness. God has great plans for the Church and Israel in the days ahead, and no matter what the enemy try’s to do, God ALWAYS prevails.

Proverbs 11:5 The righteousness of the blameless will smooth his way, but the wicked will fall by his own wickedness.

Look up, be watchful for our redemption is drawing near!


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